What is the Learning Gardens?

The Learning Gardens is a functioning off-grid homestead and outdoor education center near Athens, Texas that focuses on regenerative agriculture. There are over 2 miles of maintained trails and many of the activities take place on the Learning Loop (an easy 3 minute walk) and at the Learning Tree. We do our best to repurpose, recycle, and upcycle as much as we can, so many of the activities involve reusing typical things. There is potable water on site, and the toilet is outhouse style.


The mission of the Learning Gardens is to educate people of all ages using various permaculture methods. Together, We strive to preserve sustainable ways of survival, anchored in community and connectivity. 


The vision of the Learning Gardens is to preserve ways of nature based living through education and exploration, establishing a sustainable partnership with the earth and its inhabitants. While growing food is at the core of many of our activities, growing minds is of equal importance.